Table of Contents: Evocation

Volume 2 of The Holy Mysteries

New Softcover Edition Available September, 2017

Table of Contents

The Second Tarot Card

Part I: Magic

Chapter 1: Magic
Chapter 2: Magical Aids
Chapter 3: The Magic Circle
Chapter 4: The Magic Triangle
Chapter 5: The Magic Censer
Chapter 6: The Magic Mirror
Chapter 7: The Magic Lamp
Chapter 8: The Magic Wand

(1): Loading the Magic Wand with the Will
(2): Charging or Loading with Attributes and Qualities
(3): Charging or Loading with Magnetism, Bio-magnetism or Prana
(4): Charging or Loading with the Elements
(5): Charging or Loading with the Akasha Principle
(6): Charging or Loading with Light-Fluid

Chapter 9: The Magic Sword, the Magic Dagger and the Magic Trident
Chapter 10: The Crown, a Cap or Miter, a Magus Headband
Chapter 11: The Magic Robe
Chapter 12: The Magic Belt (Girdle)
Chapter 13: Additional Magical Aids
Chapter 14: The Pentacle Lamen or Seal
Chapter 15: The Secret Book of Formulas
Chapter 16: In the Sphere of the Beings
Chapter 17: Advantages and Disadvantages of Evocation Magic
Chapter 18: The Spiritus Familiaris or Servant Spirits

Chapter 19: Magical Evocation
Chapter 20: The Practice of Magical Evocation

Part II: Hierarchy
Chapter 1: The Beings of the Four Elements

Chapter 2: Some the Original Intelligences of the Zone Girdling the Earth
Chapter 3: The 360 Principals of the Zone Girdling the Earth

  The 30 Principals of Aries
  The 30 Principals of Taurus
  The 30 Principals of Gemini
  The 30 Principals of Cancer
  The 30 Principals of Leo
  The 30 Principals of Virgo
  The 30 Principals of Libra
  The 30 Principals of Scorpio
  The 30 Principals of Sagittarius
  The 30 Principals of Capricorn
  The 30 Principals of Aquarius
  The 30 Principals of Pisces

Chapter 4: The Intelligences of the Lunar Sphere
Chapter 5: The 72 Genii of the Mercurian Sphere
  The Cosmic Order of Precedence
Chapter 6: The Intelligences of the Venusian Sphere
Chapter 7: The Genii of the Solar Sphere
Chapter 8: The Intelligences of the Martian Sphere
Chapter 9: The Genii of the Sphere of Jupiter
Chapter 10: The Saturnian Sphere
Chapter 11: The Spheres of Uranus and Pluto
Chapter 12: Contact with Beings, Genii and Intelligences of all Spheres through Mental Travel
Chapter 13: Magical Talismanology

Part III: Illustrations:
Seals of the Principals, Intelligences, Genii and Beings

Symbolism of the Second Tarot Card