Table of Contents: Hermetic Letters

Hermetic Letters









First Letter

Setting Goals
The Procedure
Balance And Transformation
Fundamental Rules Of The First Level
Practical Exercises For The First Month

Second Letter
Your Special Mission

The Monitory Letter
The Make-Over Of Your Character
Thinking: “Blessed Electricity”
Thought: An Energy System On A Small Scale
Every Thought Wants To Become A Reality
Death Through The Effects Of Thoughts
The Building Blocks Of Thinking
The Energy Sources Of Thoughts
The Power Of Wishing — Your Motor
The Upper And Lower Light
The Effects Of Asceticism
Be The Master In Your Own House

Third Letter

The Inward Path
Dreams: The First Threshold To The Beyond
Dreams: A Second Reality
All Dreams Are Allegorical
Body Symbolism
Money Symbols
Fertility And Love
Animal Symbolism
Death And Life
Weather Symbolism
Dreams Of Motion
The Purpose And Goal Of Dreaming
Dream Control As A Barometer Of The Soul
Major Concentration
Autosuggestion And Belief
The Nature Of Meditation
The Nature Of Contemplation
Practical Exercises Of The Third Level

Fourth Letter

Post A Sentinel At The Gates Of The Senses
The Magic Of The Eye
The Development Of The Master Look
Application Of The Master Look
The Discipline Of A Wish
Hate No One
Fear Nothing
The Great Brotherhood
The Teachings Of Rhythm
The Fundamental Thought Of Astrology
The Secret Of Breathing
The Periodicity Of Destiny
To Lose Everything Means To Find Everything
Practical Studies

Fifth Letter
A Warning Which Should Be Taken Seriously
Learn Silence
Active And Passive Silence
Restrict Your Speech Daily For One Hour
The Fortunes Of Hunger
One Month Of Fasting
The Path To Your Innermost — Your Path To God
The Sons Of The Primordial Light
The Spiritual Breath
The Awakening Of The Higher “I”
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Everything Physical Has Its Roots In The Soul
Mysteries Of The Word
The Soul Of Vowels
The Sacred OM And Its Practice

Sixth Letter
Foreword To The Sixth Letter

Impregnated Water
The Centrifugal Exercise
The Infinity Exercise
The Higher Mirror Exercise
The Fruit Of Your Thoughts
Help Yourself
The Elimination Exercise
The Secrets Of Names
The Magic Of Names
Perfect And Imperfect Names
The Destiny Of The Departed
The Heart-God Devotion
Appellation, Sun-Breathing and Sun Meditation
Spiritual Travel
The Cosmic Question
Belief As Potency Of The Will
The Pilgrimage
The Candle Psalm 

Seventh Letter
The Double Countenance Of Human Beings
The Analogy Of The Limbs
Symbolism Of Feet And Hands
Mysticism Of The White Light
The Candelabrum With Seven Branches
The Old And New Aristocracy
I Am The A And The O
The Significance Of Folding Your Hands
God’s Biform
The World As Love Mystery
Man And Wife Within You
Mystical Love
The Very Holy Three
The Cross Exercise: “The Vital Water”
The Significance Of Christmas
The Might Of Renunciation
The Teachings Of The Spiritual Vacuum
Universe Meditations
Star Breathing
Midnight Communion 

Epilogue and Appeal