Jakob Lorber Books

Christ reveals prophecies for this generation and the end-times.






Information on how to achieve physical, astral and spiritual health.






Jakob Lorber presents life on Saturn in an awe-inspiring way that helps us realize that life does exist elsewhere.








Austrian mystic Jakob Lorber (1800–1864) faithfully recorded the missing books of the Bible over a twenty-four-year period. Receiving all his inspirational information through the Inner Word, not through channeling, Lorber’s works include topics such as natural healing, geography, history, biology and natural science, as well as the creation of the cosmos. He also recorded more spiritual information, such as the journey of a soul in the afterlife, our solar system, life on other planets. For those who are interest in true Christian Mysticism, all of Lorber’s writings provide a sound foundation upon which to build a spiritual ideology.

Needless to say, there are many who claim to have the missing books of the Bible. But when the works of Jakob Lorber are read, there is an unmistakable similarity between the biblical writings and the texts recorded by Lorber.

It is physically impossible for one man to have gained such an immeasurable wealth of knowledge in one lifetime in order to record the more than 15,000 pages of text. Even if he had access to the most sacred historical writings, which he did not, a mere mortal could not have undertaken such a monumental task with the accuracy that Lorber’s works contain.

One might ponder: If this information did not come from Jakob Lorber himself, from where did it come? The answer is simple: It came from the Greatest Physician in the Universe, from the Great Cosmic Master, from the Infinite Love, from God Himself.

And the reason why these writings are available now is crystal clear to any person who is searching to better his life, to learn about his life, to understand his life, and to reach for the ultimate goal — spiritual perfection.