• What is Hermetics?
    Hermeticism is a collection of Gnostic philosophies and teachings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. Also called the Egyptian Mysteries (or The Holy Mysteries referred to in the Bible), Hermeticism (Hermetic Philosophy) encompasses the spiritual laws of spirit, soul, and body and is a universal system of spiritual growth, requiring neither religious doctrine nor guru. Hermeticism is a Western Hermetic Tradition, originally only available in the Prophet Schools to a select few. Franz Bardon was commissioned by Divine Providence to reveal these Mysteries in this critical period of humankind’s spiritual development in book form. Franz Bardon’s system of spiritual growth divides the human being into three bodies: the physical, the mind (spirit), and the soul and thus engages the reader to fully develop these three bodies to reach his or her spiritual perfection.
  • Initiation into Hermetics
    by Franz Bardon (The Holy Mysteries, The First Tarot Card, Meditation)
    Many readers are probably aware that the Tarot is not a game of cards serving mantic or prophetic purposes. Instead it is a book of initiation in which the greatest secrets are contained symbolically. The first card or first page of this book introduces the Magician, who represents the mastery of the elements and offers the key to the first Arcanum, the secret of the ineffable name Tetragrammaton, the Kabbalistic YOD-HEH-VAU-HEH. Here we find the gate of initiation for magicians. The reader of this book will realize how meaningful and how universal the application of the first Tarot card really is. In no other book that has been published so far has the true sense of the first Tarot card been so clearly described as in this work.
  • The Practice of Magical Evocation
    by Franz Bardon (The Holy Mysteries, The Second Tarot Card, Angel-Spirits)
    Throughout the ages, and primarily during the past few centuries, many lengthy dissertations have been published on the art of higher magic. Unfortunately, they are for the most part such bewildering and incomplete remnants that very little of it can be taken as a point of reference for practical studies, and this only in small fragments. The original initiative for magic was known only to a very few lodges and was reserved for a particularly chosen few, while for the seekers of truth who searched diligently for any information, this subject matter remained dark and mysterious. 
  • The Key to the True Kabbalah
    by Franz Bardon (The Holy Mysteries, The Third Tarot Card, The Spoken Word)
    The science of the Kabbalah, or theurgy, is of extreme antiquity and has its origins in the Orient. Since time immemorial, the ancient sages have concealed their greatest secrets in a universal or metaphorical language, as may be seen from the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians and other ancient people.
  • Frabato the Magician
    Frabato the Magician is the autobiography of Franz Bardon, the greatest Hermetic adept of the 20th century. The novel depicts Bardon the man who faced many obstacles in order to provide true seekers of light with The Holy Mysteries, in the form of Initiation into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation and The Key to the True Kabbalah.
  • Alchemical Secrets
    When dealing with alchemy, we are not dealing with the processes of the great outer world, but instead with secret microcosmic processes which have formed, since time immemorial, the central subject of the Mysteries. Therefore it can be said, and rightfully so, that the Hermetic sciences are the oldest sciences mankind has. It is probable that these sciences originated from a tradition which even the ancient Egyptians held in awe, and which they depicted as secrets of primeval times.
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