Table of Contents: Occult Powers

occultism, metaphysics, mind, body, spirit








Foreword to the First Edition
Foreword to the Second Edition
Foreword to the Third Edition 

PART ONE — The Apprentice
The Initial Steps
Chapter 1
Important Rules of Success
Chapter 2
Thought Control
Chapter 3
The Negative State
Chapter 4
Breathing Exercises
Chapter 5
The Magnetic Gaze
Chapter 6
The Power of Wishing 

PART TWO — The Journeyman
The Development of Occult Abilities
That Already Require a Higher Ethical Development
Chapter 1
Introspection and Liberation
The Education of Knowledge
Harmony through a Natural Diet
Harmony through Hygiene
Harmony through Introspection
Harmony through Thought Concentration
Exercises to Achieve Harmony
Chapter 2
The Higher Breathing Techniques
Prana and Psychic Breathing
Chapter 3
The Od
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Idealistic Monism and Producing Dreams
Chapter 6
Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
The Healing Power of Magnetism
Chapter 9
The Astral Body
Chapter 10
The Tattvas

PART THREE — The Master
The Unfolding of Occult Abilities
Chapter 1
The Higher Magical Abilities
Chapter 2
The Might of the Pure