Table of Contents: Lord’s Book

Information on how to achieve physical, astral and spiritual health.










Part I — The Human Being as a Trinity of Sprit, Soul and Body
Chapter 1 The Human Trinity
Chapter 2 The Spirit as the Fundamental Life of Human Beings
Chapter 3 The Spiritual Anatomy of Human Beings
-The Heart as the Carrier of Life
-The Structure and Function of the Human Brain
-The Structure and Function of the Viscera
-The Development of the Human Body
-The Eye and the Process of Sight
-Narcosis or Anesthesia
Chapter 4 The Outer Life-Sphere of Human Beings
Chapter 5 The Influence and Banishment of Demons

Part II — The Cause and Purpose of Ailments and Suffering
Chapter 1 The Original Sin: Main Cause of Physical Weaknesses
Chapter 2 Self-Inflicted Ailments
Chapter 3 Main Causes of Ailments
Chapter 4 Reason for Ailments, Pain, and Suffering
Chapter 5 The Nature of Possession

Part III — Healing Aids
Chapter 1 Help through Intercession
Chapter 2 Healing with God’s Will
Chapter 3 Prerequisite for Divine Help
Chapter 4 The Heavenly Healing Counsel: Loyalty to God
Chapter 5 The Best Medicine: Faith and Obedience
Chapter 6 The Father’s Word and Prayer For the Needy
Chapter 7 The Most Important Things: Humbleness and Faith
Chapter 8 Salvation at the Father’s Breast
Chapter 9 Conditions for the Success of Magnetic Strengthening Cures
Chapter 10 Concerning the Healing Magnetism
Chapter 11 Allopathy, Homeopathy, Heliotherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Magnetism
Chapter 12 The Sun-Cure
Chapter 13 The Most Orderly and Natural Healing
Chapter 14 Healing with Herbs
Chapter 15 Gladly Go to the Mountains
Chapter 16 Spiritual Healing From Afar
Chapter 17 Healing During Ecstatic Sleep
Chapter 18 Inducement of Ecstatic Sleep
Chapter 19 The Treatment of Melancholy or Depression
Chapter 20 Smallpox Vaccination
Chapter 21 A Cure for Scrofula (King’s Evil)
Chapter 22 Recommendation for Thick Blood
Chapter 23 Cure for the Possessed
Chapter 24 Healing for Women

Part IV — Health Care: The Spiritual Foundation of Health
 Chapter 1 Fundamental Teachings for the Care of the Physical Body and the Soul
-Humility: The Fundamental Prerequisite for all Salvation
-Earthly and Heavenly Endeavors
-The Blessing of Simplicity
-Spiritual Benefit of a Natural Life
-What Human Beings Require and
-What the Earth Offers
-False Holiness
-Tolerance towards Foreign Customs
-Do not take Flight from the World
-No Blind Lawfulness 

Chapter 2 Healthy Marriage
-A Warning to those of an Unclean Nature
-The Blessing of Chastity
-The Ability of Procreation and its Proper Use
-A Gospel of Marriage
-The Father’s Words Concerning Marriage
-The Will of God for Man and Woman
-Bad Marriages and their Fruits
-Man and Woman 

Chapter 3 Concerning the Education of Children
-The Soul of Children
-The Seriousness of the Education of Children
-Important Rules for the Blessed Upbringing of Children
-Further details on the Upbringing of Children
-Hints for the Nourishment of Infants
-Good Advice for Nursing Mothers
-The Devil of Play and the Rearing of Children
-The Nature and Consequences of Anger
-The Upbringing of Temperamental Children
-Advice for maturing Girls
-The Fruits of Good and Bad Upbringing 

V. Part A ­— Nourishment
Chapter 1 The Dangers and Influences of Impure Foods
Chapter 2 The Processes of Nutrition
Chapter 3 The Main Rule: Simplicity and Moderation
Chapter 4 The Blessing of Simple Nourishment
Chapter 5 The Father’s Commandments for Nourishment to the First Human Being
Chapter 6 The Simplest, Cleanest, and Healthiest Food
Chapter 7 Various Advice and Indications Concerning Food
Chapter 8 Nourishment for Spiritual Human Beings
Chapter 9 The Spirit of Wine and Other Nature-Spirits
Chapter 10 Tobacco Smoking and other Foolishness
Chapter 11 Diet Hints
Chapter 12 The Lord as an Example for Proper Nourishment
Chapter 13 Vegetarianism
Chapter 14 A Meat Diet 

V. Part B — Fasting and Asceticism
Chapter 1 Proper Fasting
Chapter 2 Gluttony and Proper Self-Denial
Chapter 3 Various Hints and Advice 

V. Part C — Excerpts from The Childhood of Jesus
Chapter 1 A Cheerful Morning Meal
Chapter 2 The Child Jesus’ Favorite Dish
Chapter 3 Cold Fish with Oil and Lemon Juice
Chapter 4 Guests that are Pleasing unto God 

V. Part D — Grace at the Table, Benediction, Love-feast
Chapter 1 Saying Grace (Table-Prayer)
Chapter 2 Promise of Benediction
Chapter 3 Love-Feast 

VI. Part A — Clothing, Recreation, and Sleep
Chapter 1 Clothing
-Man’s Relationship with Nature vs. Earthly Conven­iences
Chapter 2 Recreation
-Time of Rest in the Spiritual World
-The Lord as an Example: How a Human Being can Reach the True Kingdom of God
-Proper Rest and Inactivity
-Praise for Activity
-Immersion and Self-Introspection
-A True Sabbath Celebration

Chapter 3 Sleep
-Night Rest on Reclining Chairs
-Dream Interpretation

VI. Part B — Old Age, Dying and Death
Chapter 1 Old Age Infirmities
Chapter 2 The Fear of Death
Chapter 3 Suicide
Chapter 4 Dying and Death
-Untimely Death 

Part VII — Life with and without God
Chapter 1 Where Any Doctor’s Help is in Vain …
Chapter 2 Promises and Advice
Chapter 3 A Light of Comfort for Those Who seek Help
Chapter 4 Love: The Universal Remedy
Chapter 5 The Physician Who Makes a Human Being Doubly Well
Chapter 6 Healing Through a Spiritual Turnabout
Chapter 7 True Endeavors of Healing
Chapter 8 Salvation in Noah’s Ark
Chapter 9 Know Thyself!
Chapter 10 At the Watchmaker
Chapter 11 The Blessing of Prayer
Chapter 12 True Belief
Chapter 13 Prophet-Schools: The Path to Spiritual Perfection
Chapter 14 Additional Words of Life with and without God