Table of Contents: Alchemy










The Symbolic Language of Alchemy
The Subjectum Artis
The Primaterialistic Subject
The Sulphur of the Philosophers (Sages)
The Mercury of the Philosophers
The Four Fires of the Alchemists
The Receptacle of the Philosophers
The Erring Ways of the Pseudo-Alchemists
The Process of Magnum Opus

I.  The Work of Dissolution
The Preparation of the Azoth

II. The Main Task or the Main Work
The Task of Cleansing
The Preparation of the White Lapis
The Preparation of the Red Lapis

III. The After-Work
The Conjunction or the Unification
The Last Cooking
Remarks Regarding the After-Work
The Necessity of Rebirth
The Three Worlds
The Rebirth as the Mysterium of Initiation
The Osiris Mysterium
The Mysteries of Eleusis
The Great Mysteries of Eleusis
The Mysteries of Israel
The Christ-Mysterium as the History of Initiation
The Two Paths
The Mystery of Alchemy