The Lord’s Book of Life & Health by Jakob Lorber

The Lord’s Book of Life and Health is a compendium of the writings of Austrian mystic Jakob Lorber on the vital subject of health and well being. The reader will discover important but often neglected information about sickness and health. The Greatest Physician in the Universe provides answers to your questions, though His answers may not always agree with traditional medical philosophy. In contemporary society, the real reason for illness is neglected altogether, for it is, in fact, a question of the individual’s concept of life. God’s revelations (as recorded by Jakob Lorber) regarding health and well-being are based on a spiritual foundation, and the reader will discover that the origin of all things is spiritual, not physical. Therefore, the origin of illness or of any disharmony in the body must likewise be spiritual rather than physical. Lorber covers such topics as self-inflicted ailments, the nature of possession, humbleness and faith, smallpox vaccination, healing for women, how to achieve a healthy marriage, the education of children, the fruits of good and bad upbringing …


If we read The Lord’s Book of Life & Health with our heart, and not our intellect, we may find what we seek. This information has already helped many people who have suffered all kinds of setbacks, physically and mentally. By reading this text and following the information given, our lives can turn for the better. By understanding our problems and by employing the necessary measure to change the outcome, we can turn sickness into health and despair into happiness. And we can learn first-hand about the blessing of prayer. We must remember that the people of old knew much more about a healthy lifestyle than we do today, including the disadvantages of coffee, a promiscuous lifestyle, the cause of pain and suffering, and more..

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The original German version of this book The Lord’s Book of Life and Health created such great interest that the publishers decided to release this new edition. The widespread demand for this work is not surprising, since here the pathological process and its healing is being judged from another point of view, as it ordinarily would be done. Many might ask themselves: Why should there be ailments at all? Could the good Lord not create human beings without the affliction of ailments and pain? That is what mankind has searched for from time immemorial. And, physicians were striving, and still strive with many methods and in many ways to help the ailing. But how can a physician employ a good therapy, if he is incapable of properly diagnosing? Or when he does not know the real cause of an ailment?

Through the writings of the New Revelation by Jakob Lorber, we gain important knowledge about the nature of ailments and their causes. Above all, every human being should know that he is made up of a trinity of body, soul, and spirit. What is the body? This is what Jesus has to say in The Great Gospel of John, Volume II, Chapter 227: The body of a human being is nothing but an artful machine that is being set into a manifold motion through the free will of the soul. As a divine spark, the spirit in the heart of man is localized in his polarity.

Jesus gives us a definition: In the heart of a human being, there are two extremely small closets hardly visible to your eyes and appearing as tiny dots corresponding to the two large blood-chambers (ventricles). As small as these dots are, upon their foundation depends solely the life of the heart and, therefore, the whole body with all its organs. The first and most important closet corresponds to that which is of the spirit and, therefore, of actual life, which we will call the affirmative principle. The second less important closet, although indispensably necessary for physical life, we will call this which corresponds to the matter, the negative principle. It has no life of its own, but is only a receptacle for life; that with every renewed heartbeat from the affirmative closet, it stores up anew, and then distributes this vital energy via the blood throughout the whole body.

Jesus defines the soul of human beings in the following manner: The soul of an earthling is a composition of many life-particles which were taken by Satan, and were held captive in the matter of the body of the earth. From there they pass through the plant world into the many steps (levels) of the animal world where, finally, as a potency (power), consisting of countless prime soul-particles, they develop into a human soul. Through propagation in the lap of women, they become flesh and are born into this world. Souls that develop in this manner out of the elements of the earth, are designated in the New Revelation as coming from below. Whereas, souls which come from other stars and reincarnate on our earth are designated as coming from above. Reincarnation upon our earth from other stars can occur many times. Jesus told the Greek philosopher, Philopold, that he had reincarnated as many as twenty times upon other stars. That is why the soul is the actual body of a human being which corresponds to the material body in all its parts. When a human being dies, the etheric substantial body dies; the etheric substantial body separates from the material body and continues to exist.

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