The Advent of Christ by Jakob Lorber

The Advent of Christ belongs to the category of prophesies. Christ speaks to His disciples and allows them to view future events which include events in our present times, and the total collapse of the present religious structure. Also all the events that precede the coming of the Lord as well as an explanation of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse: the white, red, black and pale horse. God’s seven attributes love, wisdom, will, order, earnestness, patience and mercy are explained. The pages of The Advent of Christ should not be considered the doom and gloom of the end times, but as a message of hope and comfort that there is salvation for those who follow the divine laws. And that there is really no reason for despair, unless you do not follow the God-given order. But it is not too late for every person to enter upon the right path. The true meaning of “666” is explained as is the New Jerusalem and the new holocaust and the Antichrist.

The Advent of Christ contains the events and circumstances preceding the Coming of the Lord, but also what occurs after His Coming; and it explains this in a very clear and concise manner, for example: “There is a vast land in the far west, which is on all sides surrounded by oceans and does not anywhere connect with the old world above water. From this land (AMERICA), the people will first be hearing great things, and these things will also appear in the west of Europe. The result will be bright, radiating and reflecting rays: “The lights of heaven will meet, recognize and support each other. Out of these lights, the sun of life will be forming, which is the perfect new Jerusalem, and in this sun I shall return to earth. This visible heaven and this earth will eventually pass away, but My Words which I have spoken to you will not pass!”

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And now I [Jesus] will show you also a fourth gradation of fire through which the earth, mankind, and My whole creation will be purified at the time of My Second Coming. This kind of fire will consist of various kinds of great and natural cataclysms, especially in those places on earth where mankind will have built too large and too magnificent cities. There will be present and ruling great pride, lack of love, corruption, false courts of justice, might, authority, indolence and at the same time extreme poverty and all kinds of troubles and misery brought about by the boundless pleasure-seeking and indulgence of the high and mighty. Also, in those cities a variety of factories will be established on a large scale in which, instead of human hands, fire and water combined with thou­sands of ingenious machines made from iron will be doing the work. For the firing, the very old earth-coal will be used which the people of that time will procure from the depths of the earth in large quantities.

When this activity has reached its peak through the power of fire, the earth’s atmosphere will in such areas be saturated with the combustible types of ether which will ignite at one point here and at another point there, and will reduce cities and regions into ruins and ashes, together with many of the inhabitants. That will then be a great and effective purification too! However, what this type of fire does not accomplish will be achieved by all kinds of great storms. This of course will happen only where it is needed, for without necessity nothing will be burned or destroyed. Through this, the earth’s atmosphere will also be liberated of its harmful vapors and evil nature-spirits, and this will have a beneficial influence on all other creatures on earth. It will also serve humanity’s physical health in that all the numerous and evil diseases of their bodies will cease and people will be able to reach a ripe old age in health and strength.

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