Scandals in the Roman Catholic Church by Otto von Corvin

Scandals in the Roman Catholic Church is a historical monument to Christian fanaticism from the 1st to the 19th century. Although time heals most wounds, the scandalous behavior of the Church and the insatiable perversion of the clergy throughout the centuries gives testament to the fact that nothing has changed within the inner machinations of the Church — pedophilia and sex abuse exists to this day, usurpation exists to this day, as does the obscene wealth of the Church. In his heart-felt Forewords and Introduction, von Corvin was aghast at how humankind, in the throes of superstition and fear of death, could have sacrificed rational scientific reasoning for an unsubstantiated belief in the holy “riff-raff.” He continues by truly not understanding how one human being could put himself in the position of Vice-God and treat his fellow humans with such contempt and fraud. Compiled by court records, the writings of saints, bishops and prelates, and historical facts, Scandals in the Roman Catholic Church is indeed an accurate representation of the inner workings of the Church as it has dealt with sex crimes; it reveals to the reader how by comparison very little has changed since the inception of the Church. It is up to the reader to conclude whether von Corvin’s material is accurate and self-serving or whether he cites pearls of truth throughout.

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Excerpt from Scandals in the Roman Catholic Church

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Protect yourself from the hinder part of a mule,
The front part of a woman, from the side part of a wagon,
And from all sides of the priesthood.
(An old proverb)


…But I do not have to go that far back in time, for there are enough examples in present times. Ammann, who spent thirty years in a cloister, quotes many such examples.

In 1832, a pater by the name of Amandäus came up with some kind of pious pretext whenever he wanted to spend the night with an infamous woman in Mels, Switzerland. In order to catch this pious hypocrite red-handed, a few young men were lying in wait for him, and they caught him in the arms of this courtesan. They dragged him triumphantly to the cloister, but his only punishment was a transfer to Schwyz, Switzerland.

Two other monastic clergymen, Pater Augustine, a priest in Tussnang, and Pater Benedict in Bettwiesen seduced many women and then without compunction went to their homes under the pretext that they had to administer the last rites.

In several places in Switzerland, where there were cloisters located, women did not dare to walk the streets at night, as these oversexed clerics would actually physically attack them, and their dreadful lewdness did not spare children either.

Pater Frederick from the Capuchin Cloister in Appenzell, Switzerland satisfied himself with unnatural sexual excesses when he was a mere frater, but he was not allowed to leave the cloister. But when he became a pater he enjoyed more freedom and he began to demand more natural sexual satisfaction. He went from Appenzell to Teufen near St. Gallen, Switzerland, to preach in some Catholic congregations and to hear confessions. When he was not far from Teufen he was entering a small forest, when a girl ran after him and asked him for a picture of a saint. This was the custom; when children saw a Capuchin monk they asked him for these kinds of pictures. Pater Frederick pulled a painted picture of a saint out of his hood and showed it to the girl, and he promised to give it to her if she would accompany him a little along the way. In this manner he lured the innocent child into the forest, and as soon as he had found a place out of sight and covered with shrubs he committed one of the most brutal rapes on that young girl.

The little girl screamed for help, and her father, who recognized her voice, ran as fast as he could and caught the oversexed clergyman red-handed. However, her father restrained himself and he did not give the monk his just rewards right there and then, instead he immediately reported the pater’s disgraceful activities to the authorities. The pater was arrested and taken to Troegen, where this matter was judicially investigated. The investigation revealed that the poor child had been severely violated and there were also significant physical injuries.

The views of the pater, which led him to this crime, are highly peculiar, but almost all the monks in the cloisters shared these views. He believed that the reformists were all so evil that they considered nothing to be a sin and that everything was allowed, because they did not have to go to confession. Therefore, he was of the opinion that as far as the reformists were concerned, he did not commit a crime when he raped the child of a reformist!

The pater would have been sentenced and publicly put on display in a pillory and then flogged or fined a considerable amount of money. However, the highest official in this canton in Switzerland, Joseph Anton Bischofsberger, took sides with this criminal. In other words he got away with it, and he was released.

The immorality of these clergymen revolts me and probably the reader as well. For the sake of completeness I must add a few words about the unnatural vices which were committed in these cloisters, which are the very sad consequences of celibacy.

Ammann claims that among 200 Capuchin monks there were at least 150 who masturbated. Ammann is the most competent judge in this respect, because only a Capuchin monk would be so well informed about that, and Ammann was a Capuchin monk.

In the Cloister of Fischingen a certain Pater Berchthold was engaged in dubious activities, the main purpose of which was to seduce the students and young monks in the cloister. On purpose he heard confession not in the public confessional box but instead in a dark corner, and many boys who made their confessions in the dark corner complained that he tried to seduce them. But the guardian of the cloister paid no attention to these complaints. Berchthold became bolder and bolder, and he no longer attempted to conceal his despicable vice. Finally the cloister was forced to commit him to his cell, and then he was transferred.

When Ammann had taken his vows, this homosexual pedophile sneaked into his cell that same night. He sat down on his bed, then he pulled out a bottle of schnapps and some cookies and began to tell Ammann about his conquests over women. When Ammann asked him to change the subject or leave his cell, Berchthold said: “Yes, it is sheer futility to speak of such tasty morsels if we cannot have them. However, we can find pleasure with each other!” This compelled Ammann to call for help by knocking on the thin wall of the cell, whereupon the seducer left the cell.

Pater Joseph from Freiburg took Pater Berchthold’s place. He was considerably worse than his predecessor. He distinguished himself not only through the above mentioned vices, but in addition he was also endowed with impish hypocrisy and a very clever maliciousness…


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