Philosophia Mystica: The Prophecies of Daniel by Paracelsus

The second part of the book is an explanation of the prophecies of Daniel. There is also a seemingly bold statement which states that people who are argumentative are uneducated. This is of course a true statement, although not a popular one, because human beings usually base their logic on a false conclusion and hence become argumentative. Remember: the truth does not contain an argument!

False prophets and false Christians are also identified. This is very important to know and will become clear when you read Philosophia Mystica as it unveils the true meaning of the Biblical text. It explains how the false prophets and Christians have become merchants selling their goods and the word of God, even to the point of usury. These people are merchandisers, not Christians. It speaks of the atrocities in the Old Testament, but also that the atrocities of the New Testament by far surpass those of the Old.

The vision in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is explained. Some may ask: “What do these old prophesies have to do with our present times?” We are now living in the midst of the events prophesied in Philosophia Mystica! Out of these events four kingdoms will emerge which will eventually rule the world, until they are all destroyed and replaced by one kingdom! This will be the last judgment for the political structure on earth. Every person should be interested in the prophecies of Daniel, because it provides the knowledge necessary to understand what is presently occurring in the world and also what is yet to come. You can also judge the accuracy of these prophecies by the events which have already occurred. The original prophecy was made about 2600 years ago and revealed by Paracelsus almost 500 years ago.

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Excerpt from Philosophia Mystica: The Prophecies of Daniel

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The Prophesies of the Prophet Daniel


Chapter I

It is very important to know the beginning of all things, what the cause is and on what foundation it is built. The same applies to the Book of Daniel, the wisdom and his prophesies.

Everything which is built on sand is built on Human Wisdom. This should never be applied because it leads to nothing and it is for naught. But, what is built on rock, that you should apply.

The first chapter of the Book of Daniel describes the origin of Daniel’s Wisdom. It is recognizable by impression or appearance and the dream. It is in the text, that Daniel has the wisdom from God and that is the reason why God wanted to prepare us for the New Testament in regards to what is going to happen, coming events, and that in many different ways, that which is prophesied through the dreams and their symbolism. What dreams depict and what they really are, are two different things: Therefore, Daniel is not only a Prophet of dreams but he also knows their meaning, their symbolism. But, when he spoke, he seemed to be only the interpreter of the dreams.

Therefore, it would be necessary to read the first chapter of the Book of Daniel because it explains under what circumstances Daniel grew up, including his three companions. It explains, that he grew up through God’s discipline. We should use this as an example for ourselves. Anyone who does not come out of the discipline or order of God does not possess the Wisdom of God and they are not Prophets sent by God, but they are false prophets.

 This is how false prophets can be recognized: they act upon matter in a contrary manner, say one thing and do the other, despise the Art of the Chaldeans, which is praised in the Book of Daniel, such as interpreting the Stars, explaining Symbolism, explaining the meaning of dreams. The reason: they do not possess God’s Wisdom, therefore, they are incapable, they despise the real Prophets.

 They hate Prophets like Daniel and John who wrote Revelation. They hate them because they do not understand the cause, the source, because they are not sent by God. God did not give them this ability, they have assumed this ability by themselves and by assuming this ability they can be recognized as being false.

 The Nations of the world should be aware of them. These false prophets also proclaim the coming of Christ and what the signs are, but they do not know the signs themselves. They do not know how to explain it properly, because they do not possess Daniel’s abilities. They themselves, within themselves, have assumed these abilities, without God. They do not have this from the Holy Ghost, but from the flying deceiving spirit, therefore, their interpretation of the Holy Scriptures is questionable because they have no foundation, show no cause, no source. It is like a pipe, an opinion, a belief, an imagination, a disposition, an emotion, a rhetoric. They know nothing about the Holy Ghost, they do not possess the qualities, the characteristics to have that knowledge. The ingredients are missing. Their writings, their logic is based on false assumption. It is a collection of school-knowledge, comments of other false prophets and annotations. It is like someone who has a dizzy spell on a small plank and on account of this he falls off. Their writings are full of falsehoods. Use your understanding and differentiate between falsehood and truth, between the right and the wrong way, between Daniel and the false prophets.


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