Magic: The Principles of Higher Knowledge by Karl von Eckartshausen

Magic is among the highest knowledge which exists on our planet. Magic: The Principles of Higher Knowledge was written in order to draw the attention of the naturalists to several things, and to prove that we should neither believe in all things nor should we dismiss all things. The author proves that God becomes more and more worthy of worship the more the naturalist investigates the origin of things which are all in accordance with the Creator’s generosity.

The laws governing the explanations in this book are not based on man’s laws or specific opinions, but solely on nature’s laws. As far as the unraveling of higher secrets is concerned, a certain degree of physiological and physical knowledge is required. Magic: Principles of Higher Knowledge provides the basic fundamentals necessary to reach an exalted spiritual state of being. Knowledge of one’s self is a perfect beginning for true spiritual exaltation. Excellent basic principles before commencing with Hermetic Magic by Franz Bardon.

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Excerpt from Magic: The Principles of Higher Knowledge

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 We seldom judge according to the matter itself; instead, we judge according to the concept we have about the matter. Within this lie our limitations and errors. Let us not draw concepts out of concepts; instead, we should get closer to the matter itself, and then we shall find the truth.

 To the Reader

The Purpose of My Writings:

         This book was written with the intention of drawing the attention of the Naturalist to several things, and to prove, as much as possible, that we should not believe everything, nor should we dismiss everything.

        In this book, I have shown, here and there, partly through theoretical and partly through practical endeavors, the probability of many existing, miraculous things, and at the same time, I am warning the inexperienced of the fraud and deception of the wicked, who misuse such knowledge. That is why I have explained some of these deceptions, and presented them in a clear manner. I am of the opinion that it is worthwhile to subject everything which is miraculous and incompre­hensible to a cold-blooded examination, to prove that only the one who examines without passion will find the truth of things. But, the essence of this whole book is directed towards one thing – to bring the Human Being back to Nature and back to the Creator, from which Human Beings were removed through pride and depravity. In addition, I am trying to point out to the Human Being that we can find Wisdom and Truth only in God, and this can only be accomplished by walking on the True Path of Approximation. By walking on the wrong path of errors, you will distance yourself from God.

        I will prove that God becomes more and more worthy of worship, and religion will become holier and holier, the more the Naturalist investigates the origin of things which are all in accordance to the Creator’s generosity, proclaiming the great destiny of the Human Being.

        Should my sincere effort find acceptance with honest and good Human Beings, then I will in due time, explain many secrets more clearly. However, at the present time I find it necessary to keep these things shrouded due to the present circumstances, and due to the manner by which Human Beings think.

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