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How to Develop Your Occult Powers by Karl Brandler-Pracht

Karl Brandler-Pracht, author of How to Develop Your Occult Powers presents a comprehensive textbook in developing your occult knowledge, thus leading to an empowering of spiritual gifts and abilities to serve your fellowman. The reader is lead to soul-searching through instructions that connect two great yogic systems, one which deals with the physiological part of a human being, while the other focuses on psychic development. In implementing higher exercises, you will be taught the power of the Od, the infinite subtle substance that each human body produces and emanates, and how you can increase this vital energy. In the journeyman’s exercises, such topics that are addressed include telepathy, higher breathing techniques, idealistic monism, dreams, clairvoyance and clairaudience, and the healing power of magnetism. In the final development, the reader is given the last key, the tattvas, to  understand and see all things through the “inner eye” and thus become a Master. Included are techniques in sun and moon breathing.

 289 pages * softcover

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Excerpt from How to Develop Your Occult Powers

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This textbook was written for the explicit purpose of making human beings aware of the powers that they carry within them; powers that remain unused. Most people are not even aware of their existence. We are not weak creatures. We carry a might or power within which makes us independent from matter. This might actually elevate us to the Crown of Creation, once we know how to make use of it. This book will teach the reader how to accomplish this feat.

            This book has nothing in common with those books which are offered to the public with extensive and expensive advertising campaigns, as for example, The Power Within Oneself, Personal Magnetism or The Power Of Hypnosis. This book will guide the reader away from the path of becoming a brutal, egotistical super-human being, but instead, guide him to become an ethical, forward-striving, idealistic human being who uses his powers strictly for the welfare of his fellowman. Human beings are free, but we must learn how to activate our will, whereas hypnosis incarcerates our will. We are here on this earth to strive for and to attain everlasting assets for the spiritual plane, not to strive for and attain temporal assets. However, the inner human being does not benefit at all from the achievements of hypnosis, and we should be mainly concerned with the inner human being, because he is the one who continues to exist.

            The author is not an adept. But for many years he has been under the tutelage of a wise and esteemed guide, through whose influence this book came into existence. Therefore, the author’s personal experiences do not reach the high level described in the third part of this book, but with a few exceptions he has tried and tested all the abilities which are taught in the second part.

            This book contains a course of instructions that connects two great yogic systems, one of which touches the physiological part of a human being, while the other focuses on the psychic development. The harmonious union of these two systems permits a person to overcome difficulties much more easily, and it also leads to a more rapid ascent. There is nothing more dangerous than the development of the human will when it does not go hand in hand with an ethical progress. Under normal circumstances, we would select a reasonable person to handle dangerous weapons, because an unreasonable person would only cause death and disaster to his surroundings with them, and eventually he would also harm himself. And that is the evil characteristic of black magic. It can be compared to a furious monster that eventually annihilates itself. A villain who develops his astral powers for the purpose of gratifying his dubious urges and to harm others will one day burn in the fire which he himself has ignited.

            In conclusion, I should like to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that my textbook is the only one which will not leave the student standing before the gates of the temple, incomplete and dissatisfied. Rather, it will lead him farther to the heights, to that which is actually attainable for a human being.


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