Becoming the Lotus by Martin Faulks

A systematic course of stretching and posture leading to the safe and comfortable adoption of the Lotus Posture, including a guide to the symbolism and meaning behind the Lotus Flower. Illustrated. A ten-step exercise routine included.

 * 48 pages * color photos * illustrated

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Excerpt from Becoming the Lotus

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Why You Need this Course

There is a great danger of knee damage connected with the Lotus Posture. This is caused when people with insufficient hip flexibility try to force him- or herself into the position too early. The only way to protect the knees in the Lotus Posture (in all its variations) is to follow a systematic course in hip flexibility such as the one outlined here. Then and only then will you be able to achieve the Lotus position in comfort and safety. People are continually injuring their knees through the Lotus Posture — forcing one’s legs into the Lotus Posture is painful. That feeling of pain is your knees telling you not to do it. Pain is an important warning sign that you should never ignore. If your teacher or instructor tries to force you to perform this or any posture through pain, you should leave his or her tutorage. You will not achieve enlightenment with this method; you will achieve a painful pinching sensation in the inner knee that will lead to injury. If you are using your knees to flex into the Lotus position you are pinching the inner cartilage of the knee between the inner ends of the thigh and shin bones, while simultaneously over-stretching the tendon on the outside of the knee.

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