Table of Contents: Lotus

Illustrations and proper yoga techniques provide to avoid injury.








The Symbolism of the Lotus Flower

The Universal Nature of the Lotus Symbolism
Ancient Egypt
Colour Symbolism of the Lotus Flowers

  • White Lotus
  • Red Lotus
  • Blue Lotus
  • Pink Lotus
  • Purple Lotus

About the Lotus, Botanically Speaking
The Lotus Posture
How to Perform the Lotus Posture Correctly
Stretching Postures
Lotus Lunge
Lotus Lunge
Cradle Stretch
Through the Hole Stretch
Head to Knee Posture 1
Head to Knee Posture 2
Leg Behind Arm Stretch
Graceful Seat Pose
Reclining Graceful Seat Pose
Angled Splits Pose
The Tailor’s Stretch
Cross-Legged Stretch
Butterfly Knees
Lying Butterfly Knees
Seated Postures
The Burmese Posture
The Half Lotus Posture
The Full Lotus Posture
A Systematic Course in Stretching Leading to the Full Lotus Posture