Merkur Books



Merkur books are an excellent collection of historical, philosophical, and personal spiritual growth books for the naturalist and aspiring novice.

Starting with a question of religion, a well-read person can make decisive choices for his spiritual path as to whether to follow the religion of his forefathers or whether to  branch out and think for himself. If the Kingdom of God is within every human being, does that not mean that we are a universe within ourselves? And does that not mean that we do not require a conventional spiritual leader to tell us what is right and what is wrong? Historical information found in Scandals in the Roman Catholic Church may help the reader conclude that all churches serve mammon, not God.

Karl von Eckartshausen is one of the few who, through help from others and through the fulfillment of corresponding conditions, found his way to a new and higher consciousness, and with this derived first-hand wisdom of a higher kind. Von Eckartshausen communicated this wisdom to others in his stimulating work, Magic: Principles of Higher Knowledge, proving that universal principles apply from century to century.

Franz Bardon used the first four hermetic letters of Dr. Georg Lomer as basic mental exercises before embarking on his series of books on Hermetic Science. Seven Hermetic Letters provides an excellent foundation to Franz Bardon’s series on Hermetic Magic.

The secrets of Alchemy are revealed by Johannes Helmond, a mysterious and unknown author. Alchemy is not a process of “cooking gold,” as  most deem it to be, but an inner spiritual process of turning “lead” into “gold,” a process not of transforming the external elements (physical transmutation), but the inner elements of one’s being (psychic transmutation). An unmistakably exalted work, Alchemy Unveiled, is an excellent addition to Franz Bardon’s series on Hermetic Magic.

Paracelsus, known to many as the First Physician of Medicine, wrote volumes on many subjects, one of which was his interpretation of The Prophecies of the Prophet Daniel. In Part I of Philosophia Mystica: The Prophecies of the Prophet Daniel, Paracelsus explains God’s justice vs. man’s justice, what true confession and true penitence are, and how to obtain real absolution, thereby relinquishing the need for any denominational “spiritual leader.” Many readers will find uncanny correlations between this text and Scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, which will undoubtedly lead to new conclusions about one’s spiritual path. Another church sex scandal reported in 2010.

Continuing on the spiritual path, How to Develop Your Occult Powers takes the novice from journeyman to master, connecting two great yogic systems, one physiological, the other psychic. Developing one’s occult powers (i.e. hidden) leads to an empowering of spiritual gifts and abilities. An excellent addition to the Franz Bardon series of book on Hermetics.

In true Eastern tradition, Becoming the Lotus by Martin Faulks focuses on the proper and safe methods of performing the various yogic poses, leading to an enhanced physical and mental state of being.

All Merkur books endeavor to intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually stimulate the reader to a higher understanding, thus enabling him or her to reach exalted spiritual goals.