About Us

Merkur Publishing, Inc. has been translating the alpha and omega of rare and influential occult books since 1991 and is dedicated to providing spiritual and metaphysical books for the development of the body, soul, and spirit on such topics as Hermetic Magic by Franz Bardon, Ancient Wisdom, The New Revelation and Alchemy. Most of our translations are based on Western philosophy for the Western mind, although we have also incorporated interesting Eastern-based philosophy into our collection of classic occult books; the proper way to perform the various yoga postures, and information on two great yogic systems (How to Develop Your Occult Powers) can lead the aspiring student to reaching his or her spiritual talents.

Our authors (Franz Bardon and Jakob Lorber) remain unknown to many in North America. Throughout Europe, however, Franz Bardon and Jakob Lorber have become household names, because for several centuries the writings of Franz Bardon and Jakob Lorber have been standards in the world of occult literature. These books contain the secrets of how to turn hate into love, ignorance into knowledge, fear into courage, despair into comfort, anger into patience, and sickness into health.